Holiday Retail Specialties at Heirloom

With the holidays nearing, Heirloom Cookshop has freshly stocked our boutique of specialty and housemade pantry provisions with a few seasonally specific items perfect for the parties you’ll be hosting or presents you’ll be gifting. Stop by the shop to assemble a gift box for your friend, your partner, your boss — or pick out a treat for yourself!

Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salt Slide Tins

Sourced from the Netarts Bay and based in Portland, Oregon, this Pacific Northwest salt company is favored worldwide by professional and home chefs alike for the flavor, texture, and aesthetic enhancement that a small dash can add to a dish. At Heirloom Cookshop, you’ll see us sprinkle flake salt on everything from pastas to pork belly hash to Chef Shu’s famous chocolate chip cookies. Make sure you always have this flavor booster on hand by picking up a stocking-stuffer-sized sea salt slide tin. While the taste may be robust, this packaging is discreet enough for a purse or a pocket.

Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels & Tea Towels

Family-owned and situated in southern Vermont, Big Picture Farms is a hillside farmstead creamery and confectionery best known for their award-winning goat milk caramels. Handcrafted with fresh raw milk from a herd of 40 happy, free-ranging goats, these caramels and candies are a sweet treat to feel good about. In the Cookshop, grab a gift box, a candy gram, or a tea towel featuring illustrations of the Big Picture Farm goat family.

Badia & Alemany Honey Vinegars

Catalonian vinegar and honey producers for generations, the Badia & Alemany family have simultaneously honored and challenged tradition by combining their products into sweet and savory concoctions that work just as brilliantly on protein and greens as they might in a holiday punch. In the cookshop, find Muscatel and Orange Blossom Honey Vinegar and Cabernet and Chestnut Honey Vinegar to whisk into a shrub, dress up a dessert, drizzle on a salad, or gift to your good friend.

Candied Valencia Almonds

Alongside our plates of grains, greens, and proteins, you will also find us at Heirloom Cookshop noshing on snackable sweets this holiday season. Dry roasted and lightly candied, our valencia almonds pair well with a cheese plate, chopped chocolate, or a holiday card for your third-grader’s teacher.

Toschi Cherries

Modena-based sour syruped cherry brand Toschi Vignola makes year round appearances in Heirloom Cookshop’s mimosas and other aperitifs. Preserved in a rich liquor, the Vignola cherries by Toschi play well with cakes and ice creams just as much as cocktails. Pick up a jar to use as a dessert topper or pair with bottle of Brut and a vial of Meadowland Syrup for Heirloom mimosas at home.