Partner Profile: Meadowland Syrups

While Heirloom Cookshop may be best known for the tall piles of greens and grains gracing our plates, we also have a soft spot for sweets and treats -- like the cocktails, mocktails, mountain rolls, and handmade hand pies that make their way onto our menus weekly. If you have ever indulged alongside us, you are likely familiar with the aromatic flavors of Meadowland Syrups, a line of specialty simple syrups that have quickly become a staple in the Heirloom pantry. Chef Schu first encountered Meadowland Syrups at last year’s Heirloom Cookshop Winter Market, where she was originally drawn to the “beautiful artwork and darling names” for each syrup, but ultimately captured by the inventive flavor combinations and inspired to bring them into her own kitchen! Most recently, you’ve tasted Meadowland in our strawberry elderflower mimosa, raspberry rose mimosa, and raspberry huckleberry hand pies.

Pacific Northwest neighbors of Heirloom Cookshop, Meadowland Syrup was born out of Bend, Oregon by mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo, Katie and Kathy Irwin. Both small-town natives, Katie and Kathy have each fostered a lifelong affection for nature’s delicacies and delights. Katie, who is married to Kathy’s son Elijah, was born and raised in Lindenwood, Illinois, where she experienced an upbringing that was embellished by a panoply of flora and fauna. Kathy herself grew up, married, and raised her two children in the rural riverside town of Bend, Oregon.

In 2009, Kathy’s husband, Katie’s father-in-law, Brad, opened Oregon Spirit Distillers, at which time Kathy began playing in mixology and designing her own craft cocktail concoctions. Drawing inspiration from both the natural abundance of the Pacific Northwest and Katie’s homeland of the Illinois prairie, Kathy’s kitchen experimentation quickly became a robust catalog of signature simple syrups featuring earthy, floral, and herbaceous flavors, just as suitable for coffee or tea as they are a tonic. Flavors range from Strawberry Basil to Salted Honey Cardamom to Juniper Rosemary & Sage. Raspberry Rose and Marionberry Black Pepper are a few of Heirloom Cookshop’s favorites.

Beyond being known for exotic and flora-forward flavor profiles, Meadowland Syrup is also easily recognized by the colorful and painterly labels adorning their bottles, which prove just as whimsical as the product itself. As an independent illustrator, Katie’s artistic talents were the perfect pairing for Kathy’s culinary sensibilities. Not only does Katie oversee all branding and marketing for the family company, her hand-drawn vignettes can be found on the front of every Meadowland bottle. In a fusion just as lovely as Peach & Thyme or Lemon Honeysuckle, Katie and Kathy’s complimentary talents have created something worth savoring.

You may find full and sample size bottles of Meadowland Syrup at the Heirloom Cookshop boutique or featured weekly in our dinner and brunch aperitifs. Simply ask your server. Cheers!

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