Heirloom Cookshop's Favorite Summer Beverage - Rosé!

When the days get hot in late summer, wine lovers rejoice - it's rosé time! What else says summer like a blue cloudless sky, a light breeze, an outdoor table in the shade, and a cold, icy glass of beautiful light pink, crisp rosé?

Heirloom Cookshop has a selection of five mouthwatering, refreshing rosés that you simply must try. But first, how much do you really know about this flirtatious beverage?

Did you know that rosé may be the oldest known type of wine? Not what you'd expect, right? Rosé is a type of wine that incorporates some of the color from the grape skins but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. It is the most straightforward to make because of the grape skin contact method.

No longer is rosé an old-fashioned, girly-girl's drink. Suddenly front and center, this #rosesummer, #drinkpink, #roseallday modern movement is growing.

But wait! Before you decide to jump on the bandwagon and choose a #pinkdrink, remember - like all wine varietals, not all rosé is created equal.

Some rosés are other wine's leftovers, made using the saignée method, concentrating juice that is "bled" off the fermentation tank. Others are specifically created and grown in the vineyard for qualities like acidity. Some pink wines can weigh on your palate with a sugary, rubbing alcohol smell. But the good ones wake it up with a light, float-on-your-tongue deliciousness. They should make your mouth water — full of acid and summer fruit, like strawberries and citrus.

Perhaps you've noticed the sudden surge in the rosé market. This pretty pink drink is everywhere! Did you wonder: What makes rosé different from, say, white zin? Well, rosé is, of course, actually older. Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia believes rosé has been made for over 2600 years! White zin is credited to Sutter Home Winery and was actually made by accident in 1973. Also, of course, white zinfandel is sweeter and pinker than most rosés.

Without Further Ado: Heirloom's Five Late Summer Rosé Picks!

You can try them anytime by the glass or bottle. Better yet, check out an Heirloom Happy Hour, and if you love it, take some home. Happy Hour is Thursdays from 5-8 pm, and it may be your happiest hours of the week!

Mark Ryan The Vincent Rosé

Mark Ryan Winery, a boutique winery in Woodinville founded in 1999 by Mark Ryan McNeilly, released this beauty in 2017. This rosé is a beautiful light shade of pink with a nose of ripe strawberry, juicy watermelon, and raspberry. The palate is light and fresh with notes of pink grapefruit and honeysuckle. The harmony of fresh fruit and crisp minerality leads to a well balanced wine with a pleasant long finish. Consistently excellent!

Underground Wine Project: Mr. Pink Rosé of Sangiovese Columbia Valley

This cleverly named rosé debuted three years ago and became an instant hit. The brainchild of Mark McNeilly of Mark Ryan Winery and Sleight of Hand's Trey Busch, the name comes from the movie Reservoir Dogs. The Quentin Tarantino film features a character, played by Steve Buscemi, named Mr. Pink. This not-quite-secret project, which started with 1,000 bottles, plans to up the ante to 30,000 bottles next year! Bottom line, this mouthwatering Sangiovese is a big value.

French Pool Toy Rosé

This playfully packaged Grenache wine definitely brings to mind a luxurious summer day by the pool. French Pool Toy Rosé (bottled in a plant PET fully recyclable bottle) is as serious as those other Côtes de Provence rosé wines. Pale color, tart red fruit, and crisp refreshing taste make this THE beach/park rosé of the summer.

Trust Cellars Rosé of Cabernet Franc

This lovely, rusty-colored rosé is Chef's current favorite. From Trust Cellars in Walla Walla, this is a well-balanced wine with aromatic cherry, strawberry, and raspberry on the nose, watermelon and pear on the palate, and a long finish. Come in and try this crowd pleaser for yourself.

Ju De Vie Rose

As its name suggests, this is a French rosé. It evokes that joie de vivre, or joy of life, that the French are famous for! You can just hear Edith Piaf in the background singing La Vie en Rose when you drink it. From the southern Rhone valley, this is a complex yet easy drinking wine that is certified organic and biodynamic.

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