Tamales! Cooking Class With Chef Schu

Set table

Hey everyone, it's Sarah again -- Heirloom Cookshop retail and food prep helper and, as of last Thursday night, cooking class assistant. Chef Schu taught her first official cooking class at the Cookshop, and I was lucky enough to get to assist. I thought I'd share the experience with you, in case you were wondering what cooking classes at Heirloom Cookshop are like.

When you arrive, you're greeted with a glass of wine, snacks, and an apron. Your spot at the table is set with the tools you'll need and a cutting board. Introductions happen around the table, and Chef Schu tells you all about her background and what you'll be making. And then you get to work!

Students chopping

Last Thursday night's subject was three varieties of tamales: chorizo and potato; black bean, pork, and manchego; and vegetarian butternut squash, goat cheese, and poblano peppers. Students got to chop up the squash, potato, onion, and roasted poblanos for the tamales and tomatillos and fresh poblanos for the verde sauce, with corresponding knife skills lessons from Chef Schu. Volunteers got to sauté the chorizo and potato mixture and prepare the masa filling in the stand mixer, and we got a quick lesson on soaking and cooking the beans and braising the pork.

Students enjoying

Next, students got a lesson on assembling tamales and separated into teams to build the three different varieties. Once the tamales were steaming, the cutting boards and knives were whisked away and replaced by place settings for a shared dinner of the fruits of our labor. More wine was poured, delectable tamales were enjoyed, and Chef Schu's handmade marion-blackberry galette was the perfect dessert cap to a delicious evening. Students headed out with recipes in hand, full, happy, and excited to make tamales with their families at home.

The next Thursday evening workshop is this coming Thursday, November 9, and the topic is Thanksgiving side dishes. As of now, spots are still available. Come join us!

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