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wednesday classes 6:00pm-9:00pm

thursday & friday dinner service 5:00pm-9:00pm

friday summer green market 3:00-7:00pm

saturday & sunday brunch 9:30am-2pm

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Heirloom Cookshop’s Birthday Celebrates Community and Supports The Trail Youth Coffee Home!

September 28, 2018

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Magic at the Farm: My First Dinner with Chef Schu

October 11, 2017


Hi everybody, I'm Sarah, retail and food prep helper at Heirloom Cookshop and the lucky snagger of the last two tickets to Chef Schu's dinner at Carnation Farm this weekend. I wanted to share with you how amazing this dinner was, from the setting to the food to the company.



The evening started out with a little unplanned adventure -- we followed some questionable directions from a maps app that will not be named (because my husband works there…) and ended up driving for several miles on gravel and grass roads through farmland in Carnation, only to end up maybe 100 feet from where we needed to be but behind a locked gate. All I can say is thank goodness for all-wheel-drive cars. We finally made it to the venue just in time to sample Chef's bacon jam-stuffed vol-au-vents, basically puff pastry filled with the most amazing savory jam, and crostini with blue cheese and nectarine and elderflower jam and drink a much needed glass of Baer's Shard chardonnay (okay, maybe two glasses). Then we got a quick tour of the farm from Rosy Smit, Director of Education, who showed us cool stuff like apples growing on a trellis, how to cut the tops off of your Brussels sprouts plants to make them produce more, and peppers and melons growing inside a greenhouse that can be built in a couple of hours. So cool!