private events at Heirloom Cookshop

We take pride in the events we host here, whether they are private events {dinners, workshops, renting upstairs for meetings, etc} or one welcome to the community {yoga, pop-ups, wine & beer tastings, etc}. To see our basic pricing structure for private events, please click here.

To inquire about booking the space for your next private event, please contact us here: 

Offsite catering

Chef Schu and her team are also available on a limited basis to come to your special event and create a beautiful menu for you, whether it is an elaborate wedding buffet or an intimate multicourse dinner. Please note that there must be a kitchen on site. To inquire about availability and pricing, please contact us here:


Chef Kristen Schumacher


Personal Chef, Prepackaged Meal Kits, Boxed Meals, Catering, Events,

Culinary Education & Market Coordinator

For Wholesale Accounts, please email.

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