Coming Soon to Heirloom: Cooking, Crafting, Kids, and Wellness Classes

With the majority of our autumn classes already at capacity, Heirloom Cookshop is excited to announce expanded workshop offerings in 2020! Equal parts kitchen and community hub, since it’s genesis Heirloom Cookshop has created a space for nourishment, connection, creativity, and innovation. In that spirit, our winter series of educational offerings is expanding in order to better reflect our values, talents, and interests as a community. Just as integral in the design of the Heirloom Cookshop space as she is the composition of her weekly menus, Chef Schu shares, “I consider myself an artist that works with many mediums, inside and outside of the Cookshop. Heirloom provides a sense of creativ

Heirloom at Home: Chef Schu's Quince Compote

While cheeses and jams may find their way onto our menus and into our mouths all year round, the key ingredient to Heirloom Cookshop’s favorite charcuterie accoutrement enjoys a brief season in early autumn. Quince compote, or membrillo, is a jammy fruit product of Iberian origin, best known for punching up cheese plates with its warm-yet-floral flavor and alluring amaranth hue. Although quince bears a strong resemblance to its tree-fruit friends the apple and the pear, this autumn commodity demands to be handled a bit differently. Presenting as a tough bite even when picked ripe, quince is only willing to show its soft side after a little extra attention in the kitchen. However, when given

Partner Profile: Heirloom Candle by Izola

As the days grow dimmer and the air a bit crisper, the kitchen crew at Heirloom Cookshop finds ourselves craving the comforts that come with the annual transition to autumn: hearty grains, plush jackets, steamy soups, and scented candles. You’ll notice that our menus have been updated to include more warming foods alongside your usual favorites -- like farro and delicata or chorizo butternut squash soup. In addition to adding a bit of autumn to our plates, we’ve also spruced up the Heirloom Cookshop boutique to reflect the change in season with a few new kitchen accessories. Not surprisingly, one of our favorite additions to the kitchen is a tomato-scented candle which bears our same name! H

Partner Profile: Meadowland Syrups

While Heirloom Cookshop may be best known for the tall piles of greens and grains gracing our plates, we also have a soft spot for sweets and treats -- like the cocktails, mocktails, mountain rolls, and handmade hand pies that make their way onto our menus weekly. If you have ever indulged alongside us, you are likely familiar with the aromatic flavors of Meadowland Syrups, a line of specialty simple syrups that have quickly become a staple in the Heirloom pantry. Chef Schu first encountered Meadowland Syrups at last year’s Heirloom Cookshop Winter Market, where she was originally drawn to the “beautiful artwork and darling names” for each syrup, but ultimately captured by the inventive flav

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